​​Four and 1/2 Stars, Downbeat Magazine

Adam Kolker

​Released in 2012, Andthem is co-led and co-produced with the fantastic trumpeter Scott Wendholt and features the great Ugonna Okegwo on bass and the legendary drummer Victor Lewis 

“A few months into 2014, and ANDTHEM has made it to the first-round of my "Best Of The Year" list." 

- Jim Macnie, DownBeat 


My first CD with Sunnyside, released in 2008, features John Abercrombie, Paul Motian, and John Hébert. 

"One of those rare recordings where the stars align and everything works." - Tom Conrad, Jazz Times

My most recent Sunnyside release (2011) features the great John Abercrombie along with Russ Lossing, John Hébert, Billy Mintz, Kay Matsukawa and Judi Silvano

"Beautifully told stories as well as exquisite painterly images, all rolled into one." - Raul D'Gama Rose, AllAboutJazz